myFM: A few too many drinks?

by Lianne Phillipson July 13, 2022

myFM: A few too many drinks?

You’re on a patio or at a backyard barbecue with friends who you haven’t seen in ages, soaking up the sunshine with a beautiful drink in hand. Those drinks sure go down easy, don’t they?! I had a question come in from a lovely loyal listener and she asked about how to protect her liver from those times when one too many go down the hatch. 

First, be aware of what you’re drinking. Those spirits with pop are the worst. Sorry. Not only the alcohol but the high fructose corn syrup in the pop is a workhorse for your liver to detoxify. Switch up to vodka and soda, gin and sonic (tonic and soda) is a better option. Any loooong drink with soda water -- like a wine spritzer -- is a better option like than a rum and coke, dark and stormy, or full-out G&T. 

Beer goes down easy on a sunny afternoon at the cottage too, doesn’t it? Be sure to serve or eat something with it, not go in for a cold one with an empty stomach. And ease up on the fried foods with that cold beer too. Once again it’s mayhem for the liver to deal with. 

While you can’t cleanse the liver of the alcohol, you can support the liver to have an easier time of detoxing the alcohol. 

Eat greens as much as possible -high in chlorophyll and soak up a lot of toxins from the bloodstream.Think spinach, arugula, baby kale, dandelion greens, 

Throw some wild caught salmon on a cedar plank and that omega 3s that are anti-inflammatory and help to protect from long-term liver damage. 

Get broccoli and cauliflower on that dip platter as thecruciferous vegetables as they carry many health benefits, including detoxing the liver and balancing liver enzymes. They also contain a compound calledindole, which is shown to help fight or prevent fatty liver disease.

Along with buckets of water, some supplements to for sure include are Liposome B Complex vitamins, Alka C, NAC and Glutathione so you can stave off that next day reminder of just how many drinks you downed without realizing it. 

Went into this in more detail on episode 123 of EAT THIS with Lianne. 


Audio coming soon!

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