myFM: Arthritis and Pain Management

by Lianne Phillipson July 26, 2023

myFM: Arthritis and Pain Management

Feeling creaky as you get out of bed or throughout the day does the pain in your joints get worse? It could be from arthritis, but not just what you can imagine as wear and tear on ligaments, tendons, and bones that have your body talking to you, but the inflammation that fuels the pain of fire. 

Arthritis can be all over our body, and you may not know it. The inflammation causes the pain, so dealing with that through diet, support from your doctor, and whatever you can do to ease the inflammation must be your focus. For anyone over the age of 40, arthritis seems to show. 

Did you know that there are pain clinics to support patients with pain management specifically? My guest on a recent podcast, episode 169, runs the Karmy Clinic in Toronto, and is one of the only clinics in Canada using stem cell treatment for pain management. 

What can you do at home? 

Avoid pro-inflammatory foods - dairy, too much-saturated fat - you do need some, sugar, gluten and food sensitivities, refined foods and too many carbs that don’t get used as energy and store as fat, especially around the middle. 

Increase all antioxidant-rich foods from greens and colourful foods, or a superfood powder like KID BOOST to get your cells behaving like they were when they were a kid, and then omega 3s from fish oils like OMEGA BOOST. 

Get more sleep and hydrate to detoxify all that your body needs to get out of it. Mediterranean diet is the best overall lifestyle and diet to be guided by. 

  • Cut out highly inflammatory foods like sugar and grains out of your diet
  • eat more lean protein, like poultry rather than red meat 
  • Half your plate needs to be piled high with colourful vegetables including those greens
  • Eat healthy fats from nuts, seeds, butters like almond butter and also fish. 
  • Include those colourful fruits like berries and even try dried goji berries - they’re also found in my Take This by Lianne KID and SKIN BOOST. 
  • Work on your gut by drinking meat broth - recipe in Sprout Right Family Food, and take a probiotic like my Take This by Lianne BIO BOOST available at
  • Then there’s daily exercise, get enough sleep, and de-stress yourself with meditation. Lower your body's burden of toxic chemicals, and you’ll turn down the flame another notch.

Listen to segment below!

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