Take This By Lianne

Your health matters, every aspect of it.

At times, taking supplements along with a healthy, whole foods diet can help balance deficiencies, protect against sickness, and support you through disease. Deciding on what supplements to take can be downright confusing. If you’ve heard of the latest ‘fix-it cure’ and think that a pill is going to cure your heart disease, sore joints, or constant headaches, you could be quite disappointed. But what matters overall is safety, taking only what you need, and getting the result that you’re after. 

That’s why I developed Take This by Lianne.

I created this supplement line to work on a cellular level. Yes it sounds all sciency, but really we are a big collection of cells doing all sorts of incredible feats—from making our heart beat to fighting off viruses, from digesting food and forming a thought to communicating with words. Every cell needs certain nutrients to function; without them, that function may not happen as it needs to. 

The Take This by Lianne supplement line has 8 foundational products for you and every member of your family. They can be shared amongst growing and aging bodies alike, as well as everybody in between. 

We all need supplements to work and do the job they are meant to—like vitamin C supporting immunity, the quality of that supplement dictates just how absorbable it is and if it will hit the spot. 

This quiz is not meant to take the place of medical advice, one on one advice from your naturopath or nutritionist, it’s meant to help you narrow down what your key needs are by symptom analysis.

I hope you enjoy.

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