Picky Eater Boost

KID BOOST is currently back ordered. You can still place your order - ESTIMATED SHIPPING DATE OCTOBER 2, 2020.

An essential package to help boost vital vitamins, minerals, superfoods and healthy fats commonly missing from a limited diet. It can also help boost appetite and address possible underlying reasons for pickiness. Includes four full-sized products:

  • Kid Boost superfood powder, 225g
  • Cell Mins essential minerals, 60 ml
  • Bio Boost probiotic capsules, 120
  • Omega Boost omega-3 fats DHA & EPA softgels, 90

Nourish your cells with vibrant superfoods, appetite-boosting vitamins, minerals and fats. Feed your gut microbiome to support immune strength and balanced mood and to address cravings.

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