HPA (Axis) LF


90 Veggie Capsules

The hypothalamic, pituitary, and adrenal (HPA) axis is the central stress response system. The HPA axis has been accurately described as a dynamic inter-weaving dance between the central nervous and endocrine systems. In fact, you also might well refer to it as the ultimate hormonal adaptogenic cascade. As such the HPA axis is responsible for the central adaptation component of the stress response, regulated by a complex system of “negative feedback” loop mechanisms.

Emotionally charged events or trauma “early or even later in life” can have a significant impact upon the coordination of the HPA axis and the patterns of the body’s stress reaction/response. As we are addressing the various health consequences of stress, it is vital to also address the axis of reaction/response itself while attempting to restore balance and ultimately, physical and BioEnergetic function to the HPA axis. HPA (Axis) LF has been designed to nutritionally support the specific pathways and components which are in fact, a significant Causal Chain Adaptogenic Cascade Design in and of themselves.

NZ lyophilized glandulars and ethno botanicals supporting healthy HPA Axis causal chain function.
Veggie capsules (2) contains: *Pituitary anterior 200mg *Adrenal 40mg *Hypothalamus 40mg, Manganese citrate 25mg Ashwagandha 4:1 250mg (1000mg) N-acetyl-L-tyrosine 250mg Rhodiola rosea (standardized to 1% salidroside and 3% rosavins (4:1) 100mg (400mg)
*(bovine lyophilized/BSE free New Zealand)

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